Monday, July 11, 2011

more fun with maps

Just a little follow-up to yesterday's map post. Evan of In Places Deep commented:
You'll also notice that the Wilderlands map fits snugly over the Mediterranean. It sorta looks like the Med flipped on its side.

Yeah, I guess I can see that.  The central peninsula is sort of an Italy/Greece combo.  Makes me see the setting as more sword-and-sandaly.  Maybe replace all the platemail with Greco-Roman breastplates.

Meanwhile Al of Beyond the Black Gate says:
This is both an awesome comparison of maps, and an unwitting perpetuation of a very old typo - the Wilderlands maps were supposed to be 5 leagues per hex, but ended up published as 5 miles a hex.

So Bob's Wilderlands is about 3 times bigger than everyone else's :)
I've certainly heard of people using leagues instead of hexes, but if someone ever told me that was Bledsaw's intention I forgot about it.  If that's the case I wonder why it wasn't corrected in the 3e boxed set.  Anyway, here's Greyhawk and the Wilderlands compared at the revised scale:

Which gets me thinking along these lines:

Somewhere I've got the official suggestion by either Bledsaw or Arneson on how to attach both the Outdoor Survival map and the First Fantasy Campaign map to the Wilderlands, so this duo-campaign could be grown even larger.  I wonder how Minaria would look attached to the west of the Wilderlands?