Friday, July 08, 2011

one dude's opinion

Ennies nominations are out again, so it's time for every armchair dillrod to second guess the process.  Here's my take.  I like Gaming Paper.  I own a couple rolls, have almost filled one with Boot Hill gunfight locations.  By next week it will be full when I add the OK Corral to it.  I'll need at least one more roll, probably two, before the campaign ends. 

But Gaming Paper Adventures getting an Ennie nomination for Best Aid and Vornheim only an honorable mention?  That's just crazy talk.  If you do D&D with minis I can see the appeal of the Adventures version of Gaming Paper.  They're dungeon geomorphs at 1 inch equals 5 feet.  That's totally groovy.  But its not mind-blowingly awesome and original in the way Vornheim is.

I don't know anything else about the other nominees, so in all fairness I can't really say they're not as cool as Vornheim.  I'll assume that WotC's nominee D&D Essentials: Dungeon Tiles Master Set – The Dungeon is cooler than it's hamhanded corporate-speak brandified title suggests, but that's just guesswork.