Saturday, September 27, 2008

Upcoming Convention News

FlatCon in Bloomington, Illinois is next Saturday, October 4th. It's not officially on the schedule yet, but I've submitted an event for Saturday afternoon (or Saturday morning if they can't fit me in later in the day). The plan is that I'll be running my own idiotsyncratic version of OD&D for up to twelve foolhardy souls. If it doesn't get on the schedule I'll still have my OD&D and Encounter Critical stuff with me. Don't hesitate to ask me to run something if we can find a spot to sling dice. Just look for the guy wearing this:

This is what happens when you combine a massive ego with a Cafepress account.
The Saturday after that I plan to attend I-Con in Springfield, Illinois. I haven't figured out how to submit an event on their bare bones website, but again I'll have my gamecrap with me. If we can find space I will totally run something at the drop of a hat.