Sunday, September 07, 2008

take inspiration from wherever you can get it

So I'm sitting here working on a document tentatively titled "Jeff's Field Guide to 17 Unknown Gods" (as per this post) while my daughter is watching some Care Bear cartoons on a DVD she slipped into the ol' X-box. I haven't really been paying much attention to the TV show, because the Care Bears cartoons are some of the worst animated pablum I've ever seen. For an 80's kiddie cartoon the villain Noheart (see pic) is a pretty decent evil overlord, but other than that it's mostly crap.

However, I really liked the gimmick in the episode that was just on. The Care Bears' cloud-based kingdom of Care-A-Lot was threatened by a Cloud Worm. Imagine a titanic worm composed of green-tinted cloud stuff. It floats through the sky, feeding on clouds. Every chomp it took out of Care-A-Lot sent a seismic tremor throughout the land. All a DM would have to do is drop out the Care Bears part and put in its place a floating island castle. Say the castle was built by storm or cloud giants but they abandoned it and now the place is basically a hugeass dungeon in the sky. Lure the PCs onto the cloud with promises of riches and glory and then have this worm start eating the cloud they're on.