Monday, September 01, 2008

RIP: Killer Kowalski

I just found out from Chris Sims that Killer Kowalski has passed away. He was a legendary heel in his prime and later trained many famous wrestlers. Perhaps most notably Triple H apprenticed under the Killer. I have one match of Kowalski's on tape, an old black & white TV broadcast. You know how heels like to get on the mike and say something to rile up the audience? All he had to do was howl at them and the crowd erupted in boos and jeers. It was beautiful.

I remember the first time Kowlaski came to the ring when I was playing Legends of Wrestling on the X-box. I thought to myself "Well, I'm fucked now." That's how much ring charisma the guy had. This old man could intimidate me through a video game.