Thursday, March 06, 2008

worldwide GaryCon this weekend

So Ed over at the RPGsite has suggested that this weekend everyone in the hobby should play something in honor of Gary. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce someone new into the hobby or to get together with your old gang. I'm going to try to set up a little OD&D with my nephew the ninja and my daughter.


  1. If you're on Facebook, we've got an event page setup now as well:

  2. Tonight's session of my Pendragon campaign is going to take a sudden detour from the ongoing conquest of the Roman Empire to thrust the PCs into a certain underground labyrinth, inexplicably stocked with fantastic beasts, fiendish puzzles, and rooms fulla treasure.

  3. We did it - Microlite20 dungeon crawl on Saturday evening.

    Typical for us, we didn't manage to get as far as the dungeon itself, getting caught up in roleplaying at the inn and making preparations for the journey. BUT, I still managed my tribute to the Old Man by using the most hoary of old D&D cliches, meeting up in a tavern and getting a quest from a Mysterious Old Man.

    I even based the Old Man on Gary; he called himself "Yragerne."

    Most importantly, though, it worked as a tribute to him because we all had a great time.

  4. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I´ve blogged about my contribution, in English.

  5. I ran a tribute game to Gary, using D&D rules (Basic, since I didn't find AD&D online until later), and a module from Dragonsfoot. The account is on our game blog Tales of the Rambling Bumblers.

    We had a great time, and will probably at least finish out the dungeon, if not start a campaign. Of course, almost from the moment we started playing I started thinking about rules tweaks....the main thing I worry about is the tedious pauses as the first-level party leaves the dungeon to rest up for a week before tackling the next room.