Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I like Heromachine

Jeff Hebert's HeroMachine continues to be a totally awesome way to gin up some character art when you suck at drawing. Here are some recent characters I've made.

When my daughter and I play the videogame King of Dragons she always chooses the elf, at least partially because the simple sprite art in that game allows from some ambiguity in the gender of that particular character. I think she plays Lancelot in Knights of the Round for the same reason.

This dude is based upon a guy on the cover of one of my OD&D rulebooks. I had to do a little graphical shenanigans to get the helmet to turn out that way, combining the horned helm and the helm-with-coif options.

Here's Uzenna the Hobgoblish Medusa, from my module Under Xylarthen's Tower.