Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I like Heromachine

Jeff Hebert's HeroMachine continues to be a totally awesome way to gin up some character art when you suck at drawing. Here are some recent characters I've made.

When my daughter and I play the videogame King of Dragons she always chooses the elf, at least partially because the simple sprite art in that game allows from some ambiguity in the gender of that particular character. I think she plays Lancelot in Knights of the Round for the same reason.

This dude is based upon a guy on the cover of one of my OD&D rulebooks. I had to do a little graphical shenanigans to get the helmet to turn out that way, combining the horned helm and the helm-with-coif options.

Here's Uzenna the Hobgoblish Medusa, from my module Under Xylarthen's Tower.


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Jeff, I'm glad you're still enjoying it! I've closed the personal blog you linked to, and instead am blogging directly on HeroMachine.com about comic books, illustration, and bad super-hero costumes. I've also got a weekly caption contest where you can win a custom illustration from yours truly.

    Partly I was inspired to do a more focused genre-specific blog by reading you and the other Jeff over at the Evil DM. So you're kind of like a blogfather!

  2. I like to hit the all random button for inspiration and then tweak a bit.


  3. HeroMachine is da bomb.

  4. So awesome = heromachine.

    Last night we get together for the first playtest of Brandon's super vaillain game. Before the game he told us to all go to Heromachine and make a picture of our super villain. It was the best character prep assingment ever. Everyone came to the table with a fully formed super villain ready for mayhem.