Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hey, it's game night! Also, a link.

Tonight my pals will once again brave the dangers of the ruined Moathouse just beyond the village of Hommlet. Many will recall that the Moathouse was once a key fortress of the forces of evil operating out of the Temple of Elemental Evil. What some of you might not know is that back in 'o6 dragonsfooter Paul Stormberg put together a tribute game of Chainmail where the members of the original Castle & Crusade Society (including Gygax, Perren, and Kuntz) played out the battle that left the Moathouse in ruins. Follow the link below, if for no other reason that to check out the gorgeous and exacting Moathouse replica.


  1. My nerd gland is swollen.

  2. I do remember seeing links to those pictures a couple of years ago, but it is sweet, sweet, sweet to be reminded ...

    And I would just like to say again how much I love T1.

  3. Yeah I'd seen them before too, but so cool to see them again. I so want to do something like that now.

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  5. Last night we ran a Memorial 1E game for Gary, with the party tackling the Moathouse.

    Unfortunately, even though I read the whole adventure, I completely miscalculated the power levels... too used to 3E at this point (how sad is that?). So three adventurers (down one player) were certainly not prepared for even the upper level, let alone the dungeon...

    Full report soon on my blog. Suffice to say that though they didn't get far, the players enjoyed the game so much we decided to suspend the current v3.5 game to continue the 1E game. We already rolled up the player's second characters (no one died, we're just going with the old "two characters per player" trick), and next session the fourth player will be there, so the party of eight will be much better prepared to take on the Moathouse...

  6. I'm sure Paul Stormberg will be happy to hear about the linkage. :D

    (And you all should've been there, it was a really great setup and fun to watch the guys play)

    -The Dungeon Delver, out.