Saturday, March 15, 2008

from beyond time and space, five links

Spring Offensive - A local con coming up next month. The first con I ever GM'ed at.

Internet Anagram Server

The Delver's Dungeon - 1st edition AD&D site. Proposing marriage to me online has got to be good for at least a 'five links' appearance.

The Fruitful Void - I'm still trying to figure out if there's anything here for the non-indie types. Opinions?

Abridged Dungeons & Dragons - Another super-small Retro Stupid option.


  1. Re "Spring Offensive:" Wish I could go :(

    Re Internet Anagram Server: I used to be so addicted to that site ... I loves me some anagrams.

    Re that "fruitful void" thing: maybe for very-very-newbie hobbyists, or people who just like coloring diagrams to pass the time.

    Re Abridged D&D: I always like seeing stuff like that :)

    ... and for the other D&D site, I'll take more time to delve therein ... the modules look like they may be worth a read.

  2. Regarding: Fruitful Void

    If you grok heavy-duty theory, this is a very important prize. You find it many games that are non-indie; they just don't know it's there.

    It's the 'glory' area. The you have the most fun playing on something that isn't in and doesn't need rules.

    Games without it play a little aimlessly; you've got all these rules, but know idea what to play.

    The indie scene are heavily accented on narratological applications of things like this, but don't let them fool you; this is a way of looking for what to play from a theorists POV.

    Take for example, Shadowrun. The rules point you to...well, running the shadows. But what is in those shadows? The game has tons of focus on races and relations, but no rules on racism. It has the same for class warfare (somewhat merging the two). These clashes are in the Fruitful Void.

    No indies there.

    Fang Langford

  3. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Why are there so many ptolus games at the con? is it good that there are so many ptolus games?

  4. lol, dude... I put in "Swordin Some Orcs" into the Anagram Server.
    Turns up some gems like "Medics No Sorrows" and "Coroners Wisdoms"
    Good stuff.

  5. fang said: "they just don't know it's there."

    Yeah, they do. It's remedial.

  6. Why are there so many ptolus games at the con? is it good that there are so many ptolus games?

    I honestly don't know what the hell is going on with that. Part of me wants to go run a game just to have one more non-Ptolus rpg on the schedule. Not that I'm against Ptolus by any means.

    My theory is that one super-obssessed fan who has never run multiple con games is behind all the scheduled Ptolus events and that the weekend will break him.