Friday, March 14, 2008

Closed Caption Conjuration

Next to my computer is the TV I have hooked up to the Xbox. This particular television has an interesting quirk: you can't turn off the subtitles. My daughter and I watch a lot of DVDs on this set, using the Xbox as a DVD player. Today I got off work early, so I decided to watch Excalibur, one of my alltime favorite films. Just a moment ago the film got to the first use of the Great Spell of Making. For a long time I've been curious as to the proper spelling of the chant, but now I wonder no more:

Annal Nathrach
Oolthvas Bethod
Dochyel Dyenve

So now I'm all set for the next time I need to conjure up a bridge made of mist or encase somebody in a column of crystal.