Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Worldbuilding by Q&A

In last week's email to my Beyond Vinland players I left it open for them to ask Osala the Sagess some questions. Stuart took up the challenge and posed some inqueries to Osala. The results are new material that can be added to the overall setting. So far I really like this approach, as it forces me to think in directions maybe I wouldn't explore myself and it let's me know what interests my players. Well, it tells me about one of my players at least. Here's the exchange so far.

Q: Any sign of the mystery-elf [who helped us in session 2]?

A: You hear that an elf adventurer took passage out of Osvar with Brunna the Bold. Brunna's longship is one of the few viking vessels that regularly sails the waters beyond the easternmost of the Five Seas.

Q: Does Osala know anything about this ape-demon or the kobold's relationship to it?

A: Osala says the statue depicts Kuvartma, Gorilla God of the Moon. He's one of the more active of the local inhuman gods and has been known to send his messengers to aid his worshippers. The demon was undoubtedly a member of Kuvartma's Winged Ape Legions.

Q: Kuvartma's Winged Ape Legions? How common are encounters with them? Are they a thing of legend or have there been regularly documented sightings or what?

A: According to the rhymes of Mogar the Skald, a generation ago noted explorer Harald Six-Toes and his party fled from winged apes found guarding ruins in the swamp on the shore of one of the westernmost seas. Harald and most of his companions are all dead or missing, with the exception of Randolf the Red. Mogar was once an adventurer himself, but is retired now. His son, Brand Crimson-Helm, is said to be a dragonslayer.

But the last time the Legions appeared in force was during the Atlantean Apocalypse. It is said that their numbers were so great as to blot out the stars when they flew at night.