Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Bronze City is full of interesting people.

Here's another friendly NPC type for New Bronze City, my Bronze Age superhero setting. Actually it's premature to call it a setting. It's more of a setting concept with one or two finished ideas attached. I previously statted up an NPC called Space Geezer, who was inspired by a panel in an old issue of ROM. The character below was actually my daughter's idea, which makes me prouder than you can possibly imagine.

Karate Gorilla
Oomoo of Karate Island

Fighting: Incredible (40)
Agility: Good (10)
Strength: Remarkable (30)
Endurance: Remarkable (30)
Reason: Excellent (20)
Intuition: Good (10)
Psyche: Good (10)

Health: 110
Karma: 40
Resources: Poor
Popularity: 0

Contacts: Oomoo is on good terms with the Secret Masters of Karate Island. He's also friendly with the staff and regular's at Louie's Diner, where he is currently employed.


Climbing: Karate Gorilla may move 4 areas per round when climbing. He can hold on materials rated up to Good difficulty, including trees and most forms of urban landscape.


Martial Arts A, B, D. Tumbling. Acrobatics. Oomoo is fluent in several languages and well-versed in the liberal arts of many nations. He is also one of the best fry cooks in the city.


No one knows the circumstances that led the Masters of Karate Island to teach a gorilla the martial arts. Speculation at Louie's Diner maintains it was a bet. The source of Oomoo's superior intelligence and education is also a mystery, as is the secret ingredient that makes his meatloaf so tastey.

Oomoo is normally a laid back guy who is happy to work his shift at Louie's and relax in his appartment with some tea and the newspaper. But don't get him angry or he'll bust out some ape-fu on you.

So there you have it. Karate Gorilla is a little more SpongeBob SquarePants than would fly in a serious campaign, but for New Bronze City he'll work just fine. I tried googling up a good drawing of a gorilla in a karate outfit, but the internet let me down just a little bit. Fortunately I did find this PhotoShop jobbie:

Give me the banana and no one gets hurt!