Monday, April 09, 2007

Game by Meme


Most books and games are distributed by means of stores. Some through online publication. This, right here, is an attempt at distribution-by-online-meme. The “leaf” picture above is a clickable link; if you click on it, you will download a PDF book. The book is an extremely simple, introductory tabletop roleplaying game entitled Microcosm, one meant to show the reader through play what a tabletop roleplaying game is, and to show off a few little ideas to people who already play such games. To use it, you’ll need at least one other person to play with, though a total of 3-4 people is usually best. You'll also need a pen or pencil, some paper, and a bowl full of tokens (poker chips, pennies, whatever). The game is, in all ways, free of charge.


Naturally, this is both a bit of an attention grab for the game being distributed, and a bit of an attempt to find out if distributing something in this way is even remotely viable. So, if it strikes you as a neat idea, or you like this particular introduction to tabletop roleplaying, or you just want to use it as a conversation piece, please copy this entry into your online space. The picture above is remotely located at:

If you’re willing to copy this meme, please use that same picture and link. If you don’t like spreading memes, fair enough; mentioning this attempt, and linking back to it, would be very much appreciated as well.