Thursday, November 16, 2006

The way I see it.

A brief graphical response to an ongoing debate at theRPGsite.


  1. I dont really think its a debate, its more of a way of life. Two opposing viewpoints that will nary give an inch.

  2. Anonymous10:47 AM

    That´s how I see it, too. Hope it communicates that way.

  3. Set: I suspected as much.

  4. Hah, awesome diagram man. Glad I subscribed to your blog.

    As an aside, I'm done with TheRPGSite. Thanks for your valiant efforts to try to turn it into a place to discuss games.


  5. If you added two hands grabbing the sides to expand the subset as wide as possible, it would be perfect.

  6. "As an aside, I'm done with TheRPGSite. Thanks for your valiant efforts to try to turn it into a place to discuss games."

    Thank you, for giving the place a try. Things are kinda rough right now and I'm honestly not sure what to do about it. If people really want to endlessly discuss stupid definitions, there's little I can do. Hell, the multiple threads about 'fun' made me crazy and things have only gotten worse.

  7. Anonymous10:50 AM

    It really is a pity. Though I always wonder how you guys keep your hats on. I always get sucked up in the maelstrom... Spike´s demi-anthropology articles are cool , though.

    Big part of the semantics game right now is the Pundit´s increasing extremism of word-use, at least that´s the impression I got.
    I have finished my Age of Worms Campaign in a big fight against Kyuss in which we slew the god. But instead of posting an AAR, I have to battle with Pundit over words.

  8. I guess the best way to counter-act the wankeriness is to just start threads about how awesome gaming is and what stuff you do and what you don't do and tell us about your character. If anybody wants to call you out on your definition of "paladin" or "stripper", then let him.

    You, in the meantime, continue posting about your awesome.

  9. Anonymous6:31 AM

    The Doc's right. You have to try and drown out the crap with your cool. I think spike deserves a lot of credit for his cultural assumptions threads, even if they are hard for me to post a response to.

    It's a little sad to me that a place that was meant to be not just uncensored, but more craft oriented is still another theory battleground. I'd much rather read about rad post game stories, and deep thoughts about game settings.

  10. Anonymous7:46 AM

    You are sure that the intersection of all three (MMAG, LARP, DHFG) is empty? Such that no place in the V-diagram needs to be there for this set?

  11. Uhhh, I actually just sort of slopped this thing together and really wasn't paying attention to that possibility.