Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am freaking out...

...because Settembrini just clued me into the fact that Dave Hargrave, the evil genius behind Arduin, was involved in the making of a sci-fi game!

Purple space chicks dig the mustache.

Star Rovers was a boxed set from Archive Miniatures.  It looks like no materials after Module 1 ever came out, which is a damned shame because the spaceship rules were planned for Module 2.  How the hell could this same mistake happen twice?  When I bought Star Frontiers back in the day I felt robbed because all the ship rules were in the second box.  But at least that got published.

Anyway, I'm just starting into the delightful Mr. Lizard's epic six part review, but anything involving Dave Hargrave and outer space has got to be messed up in all the right ways.

EDIT TO ADD:  HOLY CRAP!  I just realized I've seen that Darth Lizard before!