Friday, July 16, 2010

things learned this week about the World of Cinder

  • When dwarves build a magic weapon they construct it such that it will function perfectly after a millennium being used as an otyugh's toothbrush.
  • Elves, on the other hand, make uber-powerful magic swords that start to malfunction wildly if you forget to rotate the tires annually.
  • Fire can't kill a lycanthrope, but it sure can hurt it.
  • Most lycanthropes only change into monster form when the big moon is full (as opposed to the two little martian-style jobbies).  Most.
  • Trolls live under bridges because they're the ones who build them.  They usually get a franchise from a local ruler to charge fixed tolls in exchange for rights to build and operate them in choice locations.
  • Dwarves don't brew beer in barrels, they grow barrels full of beer on vines.  Like in a pumpkin patch but for drunkards.  Charles came up with this one and I totally ran with it.
  • The Lawful temple of Tyr will hand out free healing to folks who are fighting monsters threatening the city.  The Chaotic temple of the Spider God still charges full price.
  • Halflings like to hold family reunions in human cities.  The primary activity of the reunion is a multi-day, sometimes weeks-long, pub crawl.