Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shatner's evil twin

One Halloween I shaved my goatee and went as my own good twin.

He travels the world trying to trick people into spending too much on hotels and airfare, don't you know.


  1. Total Nimoy envy. You KNOW he always wanted a goatee. All he got was that sleeveless shirt :)

  2. Evil twins are always cooler then the original - and for good reason!

  3. Surprising resemblance to Jonathan Frakes.

  4. Anonymous9:24 AM

    @Malcadon: LOL!

    I really have to snag that pic for an avatar someday. . .


  5. check out Jon Stewart, he has a van dyke now too.

  6. Remember when only the bad-guys dressed in black? And now the good-guys cant leave the house unless they are in black!

    Remember when only the bad-guys sport the goat-tee? And now good-guys (and some comedians) show that they can also give good mustache-rides!

    Damn, us bad-guys are being left with nothing - just that climactic "we talk our head-off before we shoot, leaving enough time for the hero to escape" bit! We could really go for a new shtick - ideally something that hangs past out kneecap (if you know what I mean?).