Friday, February 16, 2007 is the devil

Check out these great R-Kiiv brand minis from the 70's.

This guy would be perfect for my next Encounter Critical game.

Space Cowboy!

Is that a sweater tied around his neck?Alien Ninja!

This guy is hella cool.

Evil Wizard!

Death to all fleshy ones!

Attacking Robot!

Holy crap!

Space Lizard with light sword!!!

So why would I declare, purveyors of these fine wares, to be Satan Incarnate? Because of their insane policy regarding selling these old figures. They list ten R-Kiiv figures for sale each month. After that month is over, they discontinue sales and sell the molds. I hate artificially created windows of opportunity like that. I feel like I'm being pushed into buying something.

Still, cool figures. They've got some other great lines as well, that do not have this crappy deadline built into them. They've got a Gloranthan line that includes the dreaded Walktapus as well as this awesome female fighter. No ducks though. Here's a great Cthulhu I hadn't seen before. And the leftmost of these three succubi would make an awesome female balrog. Also: cheap zombies and wicked cool zombies.