Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Newsflash! You can make FASERIP open!

Phil Reed is offering to make an OGL version of the engine that powered the original Marvel Superheroes roleplaying game. He's doing this ransom style, just like Greg Stolze has done for several projects. If he can get $1000 in pledged donations, he'll write the game and distribute it as a free PDF. I've put ten bucks in the hat, and I'm challenging all my readers who are FASERIP fans to do the same. Let's make this happen, people! Click here to hop on the bandwagon and make your pledge.
For $1,000 in donations Philip Reed will take two weeks to create a game titled "FASERIP." This will be a new, free, professionally-produced game that is opened so that other publishers may create supplements compatible with it.

FASERIP will be compatible with the old Basic and Advanced games that inspired it; the game's sole purpose is as an open source document for publishers. Players can use the game to play, but they'll gain little new value from the free product planned. It is the new supplements that can be created that will be of true value to everyday players.

FASERIP, if funded, will be created and released as a free PDF. After 30 days all feedback will be considered and the file updated at which point it will also be made available in print at cost.

NOTE: No work has been started. FASERIP will not be created until after it is funded.

If you have any questions about FASERIP please contact

Thanks to Chris at Dorkland for this tip!