Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hey kids!

I used Heromachine to put together some black & white illos of various members of Darth Viraxis's Mutant Legion. I brought along a bag of crayons so the players and I could color them. This first one was done by Marc.

Kathleen colored in this one. Unfortunately the sparkly effect of the metallic crayons did not scan well. Trust me, those boots are very shiny. My daughter helped me design this mutant, by the way. She insisted on both the butterfly wings and the hair that is fire.

Kathleen's husband Josh coloered this dude. I like how he emphasized the tradeable limbs.

This bearded lady, colored by Doug, was the first victim of Hansel Manho's charms.

By yours truly.

I am totally going to repeat this ecperiment. A little dose of Encounter Critical brought out the fun-lovin' kid in everyone at the table.