Sunday, August 02, 2009

Top Ten Awesome Rings

10) The Cross of Lorraine ring worn by Magnum P.I. and his 'Nam buddies.

9) The Thing Rings. Maybe the Thing cartoon was lame, but a set of rings that can turn you into the world's coolest rock monster? Priceless.

8) This one ring made by some evil dude.

7) The Scarlet Pimpernel's Ring. You have to be a pretty badass swordman to pick a cute little flower as your emblem.

6) The Ring of Gaxx. It's okay. Gary sent us.

5) The Phantom's Skull Ring. I'm not a huge Phantom fan but a ring with a skull on it is a classic.

4) Ming's Ring

3) The Mandarin's Rings. Not only does each one zap you with a different laser beam, but in classic D&D fashion the Mandarin swiped them off of a corpse. Of a space dragon.

2) Dracula's Ring. You know this is legit when both Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee wore a version of this baby.

1) Green Lantern's Ring.