Monday, August 03, 2009

Hargrave's Ultimate Attack

I've been looking for his spell ever since RPG Pundit mentioned it in passing on his blog.

Heretofore Magik of this order has only been legend

Tokkrang's Star Bore
This newly discovered spell requires 250 mana points to fire, but once so done, a 3' diameter by 10,000' long "star bore of energy" erupts from the mage's bare chest! This rainbow-hued energy stream will fire continuously for 1d12 seconds, each second pumping out 200 HP worth of damage to all in its path. The wizard who uses this attack will, once done, instantly fall into a 1D100 month long hibernation; he won't starve or die of thirst, he just can't be awakened, even by mystik means. For each single second it is in use there is a 5% cumulative chance that the effect will consume the magician's body, leaving only carbonized bone, which means instant death, or course. The firing will continue to its ordained conclusion, even if it is only emanating from a soulless and blasted skeleton. No known mystic defense will stop this attack, though some might reduce its effect a tiny bit. This most awesome of attack magiks requires 13 full years of arduous study and the expenditure of 1,000,000 Gold Sovereigns in materials to learn.

Man, what a way to go! Imagine stopping an army marching in a line with this baby! The quote is from The Black Grimoire, the third book of Dave Hargrave's later Compleat Arduin game line.