Thursday, August 06, 2009

The One Hundred and One Deaths of Putrid Joe

As a general rule, I'm not keen on online gaming. It's just not my bag. My reaction to the new Zork game was much the same as this guy's. I've played a little of the ultra-silly Kingdom of Loathing. I did a little MUDding back in college. But the only online game that has held my attention, and even then only on an on-again/off-again basis, is Urban Dead, a browser-based zombie apocalypse MMORPG. What can I say? I just dig playing a mindless zombie, causing havoc among the survivors in a quarantined city. Sometimes I even go for supplementary amounts of wild ass.

Here's a typical screen from the game. Click for a bigger view.

Can you stand the head-explodingly awesome graphics? My main character is called Putrid Joe. Here's his character sheet:

I only recently joined the group called the Feral Undead, but I'm not sure it's doing anything for me. I like playing straight out "feral" zombies, i.e. part of the unaffiliated, uncoordianted loners that sometimes join the large mobs and sometimes go solo.

Putrid Joe was directly inspired by this still:

While I've played some survivors, I quickly figured out that I like being one of the slobbering ranks of the undead a lot better. Recently one mad scientist type shouted at me "Get out of my safehouse, you rotter!" before one of his buds chopped me up with a fire axe. I got right back up and went back to committing mayhem. Joy.


  1. Sweet! I used to play UD quite a bit. Some friends and I even had a team organized and had set ourselves up a nice little place inside one of the malls. I kind of miss those days.

    Heck, I wonder if my account still works. If so, I'll look you up.

  2. Thank for post.. I like this blog

  3. Urban Undead! I played that a lot during the beagle puppy months. Never more than a few moments of peace, just enough time to get in some UD time. Here's my old character: Militant Order of Barhah ftw! Um, I don't really play anymore. 40th level was high enough for me.

  4. [shudder] You mentioned the bad Zork web-thing and now I have to cry. Bad man! BAD MAN!

  5. There was one good thing about that Zork game. During the beta one of the character art options was a cute nerd girl that looked a lot like Velma from Scooby Doo. When I signed up I was surprised that the name Velma Dinkley was still available.

  6. Ha, I used to play UD... I was always a survivor, though. I caught a lot of flak for "combat revives." I found that it was pretty easy to get all the skills, and then there was nothing to look forward to.

  7. I still play UD off-an-on, though not as much now that I've maxed out my character. But I'll occassionally log in to see what's happening. Jarrod Theodyne of the Dunnell Hills PD says "Hey."

  8. Legends of Zorks sucks the suckiness out of a super-sucker into a giant super-sucky black hole.

    Oh yeah, and it sucks.