Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shatnerday gets an extra attack each round

Anyone who has stats for this weapon please share.


  1. Weapon? It's a pizza cutter!

  2. shovel spear: d30/6 rounded down if I'm not mistaken.

  3. The Lirpa?

    I think it was in one of those Palladium weapon books..

  4. Apparently one of the online games will have lirpa available as a melee weapon, but I'm not sure the stats would be compatible. It's a double weapon with bludgeoning/slashing depending on end...

  5. The stats for these are in pretty much every Star Trek game from FASA to Decipher. I'm sure there are D20 stats on the internet somewhere.

    @K. Bailey- In Palladium? Why would they be there? Intriguing...

  6. Encounter Critical

    Vulkin Battle Cleaver
    Gold Credits: 150
    Damage: 2-12 / 1-10
    Range: 1.5"
    Scare: 33%

    At the Journey Master's option this weapon may receive bonuses in the hands of Vulkins and/or fighters with a high Leadership score

  7. Thanks, Max. That's exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to see.

  8. CrusssDaddy10:23 AM

    Mega-Nail Groomer/Q-Tip

    Avail.: Common
    Cost: 50 credits

    Removes dirt and dried blood from nails, or waxy buildup from ears/sonic intake units. Can be found wherever fine bathroom products for size L+ humanoids are sold.

  9. "In Palladium? Why would they be there? Intriguing..."

    Probably the same reason a Druid might ever have a phaser.

  10. It was just a little show I did as a lark.

  11. I agree with PTR that it is simply a Pizza cutter. But I guess you can never know.... But it would be interesting to use it in a game.