Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Sensational Character Find of '09!

Dr. Smarty here comes from the back page of the children's menu at a local cafe. I'm thinking he would make a great Warlock or Psi Witch for a future Encounter Critical con game. Combine him with Weird Bill (obviously a Mutated Pioneer) and Ronald McDonald (a Ninja and, given his pasty complexion, possibly a Half-Zombie) and I'm halfway to a party of EC con characters using only scans of stuff found laying about. I'm sure I can come up with more found PC art if I keep my eyes open.


  1. He looks like he was ripped from the pages of the 'lost' supplement to EC.

    Mssrs. Riley and Ireland would be proud.

  2. Don't forget Rex Burger, the oddly dressed man whose facial musculature is permanently frozen into a disturbing rictus smile...