Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Three Spells

(With apologies to Lord British.)

Yupp's Incantation of Insubstantial Elevation
Level 4 magic-user spell

By means of this spell the magic-user and up to one companion per caster level are instantaneously teleported to the nearest dungeon level above the caster. There is no chance for teleportation error and if the space directly above the caster is solid stone the caster (and any companions) arrive in a nearby open space. If there is no dungeon level above the caster this spell fails.

Descendinator of Zdaun the Mighty
Level 3 magic-user spell

This spell works much the same as Yupp's Incantation, but delivers the caster and companions down one level instead of up.

Xitegressa's Prudent Withdrawal
Level 5 magic-user spell

When cast within a dungeon the magic-user and up to one companion per two levels are teleported to the surface entrance where they began their underworld journey.