Thursday, October 09, 2008

Evidence of medieval PC shenanigans

What the Text Says

"trebuchet apparently about to launch a donkey into the defenses [of a castle]"

What I Read:

"Okay, I polymorph into a donkey and load myself into the catapult!"

The pic and text are from Terence Wise's Medieval Warfare (Osprey 1976). Here's another passage where I can almost hear the players coming up with another crazy plan:

What the Text Says

"A great lord advertising his presence by his banner could inspire confidence in the troops around him, but he might also attract unwelcome concentration of enemies, intent on taking him to cause the downfall of his followers, or for his value in the form of ransom, and ruses were therefore employed to confuse observers, especially in the case of a king leading an army into battle. At the battle of Poitiers, for example, there were no less than twenty kings of France on the field."

What I Read

"Hot damn! The king has bought my 'decoy king' plan hook, line, and sinker! Now all we have to do is make sure he and the eighteen other decoys die in the battle. In the confusion I will ascend to the throne of France!"

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  1. BigfellaMachine12:01 PM

    The donkey in the picture seems pretty excited about the whole prospect.