Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Pantheonator Mark 2

Recently I mentioned in passing to both Stuart and Jamie Mal that once upon a time I made up a set of random pantheon generation charts. The basic idea is that you throw some dice to make your own mix-and-match set of deities for your campaign. James requested that I dig up the charts. I couldn't find them so I've recreated them, relying on my memory of the ham-handed method I used the first time around. The source material is the 1st edition Deities & Demigods (a.k.a. Legends & Lore). Back when I made these as a kid I didn't own the DDG with the Cthulhu & Melnibonean mythoi, so I've omitted them here as well.

Since the charts are fairly sizable and I don't like really long entries I've turned the whole thing into this little TXT file.

It's pretty straightforward stuff. Anybody with a DDG could put these charts together. It's what you do with the results that count. For maximum freakishness each deity of your new grab-bag god-gang should follow the general guidelines of its original pantheon. Like if any Sumerian gods show up then their clerics should all shave their heads and wear white kilts with colorful borders. And don't forget the charts in the back of the book. For practical campaign-building the Clerical Quick Reference Chart is at least as important as the separate deity entries.


  1. ligedog9:45 AM

    That's awesome! You're a regular Joseph Campbell.

  2. What's a DDG? Oh, wait. "Deities & Demigods". Ah! Se, I only have "Legends & Lore", in two editions.

  3. I love the "roll twice" entry. :)

  4. I prefer "Death, Discworldian" myself...

    Nice table, though.

  5. "The Totally Metal Lord of the Underworld"


  6. And for today's stupid web trick: the JavaScript version.

    Yeah, you sometimes get the same luck god twice when you get the roll twice result. I'm working on that now. I'll incorporate data from the clerical reference chart later.

  7. mark, that is totally effin' sweet!

    On my first use I got Nanna-Sin for the Vaguely Elemental Type and Atlas for Skeletor's Patron. This is cracking me up because I consider both of those terrible stretches.