Sunday, October 12, 2008

The New AGP Deal

So James Mishler of Adventure Games Publications has gone public with his decision to alter the subscription program he pitched to all of us. Instead of the scheduled mix of Campaign Installments and Adventure Games Journal issues promised to subscribers, he's going to a format of "I'll write what I want and send it to you when I'm done." That's the short version of the new plan, you can read the complete details here.

I'm an AGP subscriber, so I've got a stake in this turn of events and I just want to let everyone who cares know that I am 100% behind Mishler's decision. While I am a bit disappointed that I don't have Journal #2 or the Southern Reaches Gazetteer in my grubby little hands, I'd rather be patient knowing whenever they come out James will have done a better job for the delay. And frankly, I don't care what the next product in the AGP pipeline is because I'm confident that whatever comes out will rock. By his account James's original plan has tranformed from a publishing strategy to a creative straightjacket. I want Mishler works that were a joy for him to make, not products that weigh like a millstone round his neck.

I'd probably feel differently if James hadn't published a bunch of great stuff while the schedules for the Installments and Journals slipped. But he's demonstrated more than once over the last six months that he can turn out great material at a fast pace.