Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I've wondered if anybody had done this.

RC controlled tank-gaming!

From Bruce Quarrie's Beginner's Guide to Wargaming (1987). I was at my local library on Sunday and found this beauty and two Featherstone tomes. Huzzah!


  1. I recognized the picture straight off. I have that book (somewhere), although I've never tried the rules.

    I would love to have a r/c tank and participate in one of those things...

  2. Cool, in a geeky way. I woldn't have dressed up. I've seen footage of a similar deal with RC ships.


  3. Are you saying we should dress up as our characters when we come together on the table?

  4. Korgoth12:00 PM

    My money's on the Koenigstiger.

  5. I don't remember this scene from Southern Comfort...

  6. Neat. What I thought was cool about the RC ships wargaming that I saw was they actually shoot holes in each others ships and they really sink!

    I also remember seeing pictures of 1:1 scale wargame/reenactments with real tanks (I don't think they actually shoot at each other though).

    And then there was the story one of the MIT gamers (who was in the military) told once about how someone took out a tank with a smoke grenade in an exercise. Seems the guy was lucky enough to land the grenade down the hatch, where if I recall, it managed to crack a shell open. The crew bailed out and then the tank went BANG!


  7. I believe they had such RC tank games going at August's Pacificon, in Santa Clara. Part of the upper deck of the 2 level parking garage was rope off. I passed by what looked like some practice, or some such.

  8. Questing GM -

    Are you saying we shouldn't?

    Too late! ;)