Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wrestling Society X sneak preview review

Okay, so this show is a little unpolished and a little trashy, but it had some good wrestling. And they squeezed two long (for TV) matches into a 30 minutes show. I gotta respect the high wrestling to talking ratio. The main event was a battle royal that was screwed up with a lot of hardcore props, including stupid Japanese gimmicks like "live electrical wires" and cheesy explosions.

But the first match, Jack Evans vs. Matt Sydal (two unknowns to me), was a respectable match that would not be out of place in TNA's X-Division. The finish was weak, as it featured flagrant outside interference that the ref clearly acknowledged. Yet there was no DQ called. If the ref is not going to keep up the pretense of officiating, then make it a no DQ match and get the dude out of the scene.

I really liked the way the main event was designed to set of Wrestling Society X's first championship bout. The battle royal was designed to have two winners, with the goal of the match to reach one of the two championship match contracts suspended above the ring. The winners of the match, who next episode will fight for the chance to be the first WSX champ, are these two guys:

Sean Waltman,
a.k.a. Six-Pac, a.k.a. X-Pac, a.k.a. Syxx, a.k.a. the 1-2-3 Kid,
former member of both D-X and the nWo.


"scary" goth guy

I loathe Sean Waltman with such a passion that I'm going to be rooting for the Vampire LARPer. Seriously, this Waltman guy sucks. It's not that he's a badguy I love to hate. It's not that I want to see Vampiro beat the crap out of him. I just don't want Sean Waltman on my TV at all. And I'm not the only fan like that. The term "X-Pac Heat" was coined for him. It means heat (wrestling slang for 'crowd reaction') against the wrestler and not his badguy character. Lots of people find this guy annoying as hell and I'm one of them.

Which, in the crazy world of wrestling, means he'll probably win the championship and have a long and glorious reign.