Monday, January 15, 2007

Demon 5

When Empire Strikes Back came out me and my crew were still young enough to think action figures were cool. (We outgrew that phase but I eventually outgrew the outgrowing.) Dave, at the time my bestest friend in the whole wide world, got himself a Hoth Han Solo. Even back then we all considered Captain Solo to be the coolest guy in outer space. I was never a big toy-wrecker as a kid, but somehow I ended up snapping the head right off of Dave's Han Solo. He re-attached it with some superglue, but it was never quite the same. For one thing, poor Han lost all ability to rotate his head. This isn't one of the stories where Dave stopped being my friend because I broke his toy. He and I continued to be best buds for years after the Han Solo Incident. Still, when I try to figure out why Dave stopped talking to me a few years back I can't help but remember that one broken action figure.