Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Behold, Wrestling Society X!

I got this item from Pro Wrestling Blog, but the original report comes from PW Insider. Wrestling fans can see the premiere of Wrestling Society X this Friday at 11pm Eastern on MtV. After the Friday night 'sneek preview' the show is scheduled to be on Tuesdays.

Wrestling Society X is a new wrestling federation that looks to take the Attitude Era and put it through the MtV media blender. I expect it to be awful, but I plan to find out myself. Vampiro is on the roster, so that's cool. Then there's the brother who calls himself the Human Tornado. I'm always a sucker for a Dolemite reference. And then there's this dillweed:

Nice shirt.  I take it this is your first time on television.

How can you not want to see this guy get a beatdown?