Wednesday, January 10, 2007

weird dream

I was in this Big Brother style gameshow where a group of strangers lived together for weeks at a time. During the course of the week you scored points by playing stupid reality gameshow challenges. Then at the end of each week you spent those points buying yourself necessities and luxuries for the following week. Your points purchase things like use of the shower, better food, etc.

The catch was that you spent your points during a lightning round where you had to juggle a bunch of numbers fast. I froze up during the lightning round and failed to spend all my points. Over the previous week I had earned enough points for a comfy week, but I failed to purchase laundry priviledges or changes of clothes. Nor did I get any food. The result was I doomed to wearing the same set of filthy clothes all week. And for sustenance I would receive a glass of milk three times a day.

The idea of the show was to put people in situations like that to drive them to quit the game. No one was voted off, the game simply continued until only one person could stand to live under these annoying conditions.