Saturday, March 05, 2005


So today was session 2 of my UltraForce Omega d20 Modern campaign. I had six players: my nephews, 2 of their friends, Michael McKinney and his friend Cody. That's four new guys, of which two were absolute newbies and one had minimal experience. So what did I do? I managed to kill the entire friggin' party. Fortunately, the session was not a complete wash. I think everybody had some fun and I fully expect at least 4 of the players to be back for session 3. One of the highlights of the day was a fierce car chase sequence, for which I adapted Savage Worlds' excellent chase rules. Also the final fight with the dinosaurs, although a loss for the PCs, was intense and in fact a really close fight. The last of the four dinos was down to one hit point when it finished off the last PC. One die roll going the other way in any of the three last round would have resulted in a PC victory and at least 3 of the good guy's surviving.

Oh well, back the drawing board. I wonder what I'll be doing for the next adventure with a new batch of 1st level PCs?