Monday, March 07, 2005

Grab Bag

My daughter has a new favorite TV show. For the last two weeks she's been asking to watch Teen Titans every time someone turned on the television. Finally Friday night my Amazon shipment arrived, including a copy of volume I of the series. It collects six episoded, which I have seen about five or six times over the last 48 hours. I think I need to order volume II soon, if only for my wife's sanity. It's a good show but supers aren't her thing and the anime influences confuse her.

Someone should write Agri-business for Dummies or something like that. I would totally buy that book. When I stop to think about it I am frightened by the fact that someday I am going to own half of the family farm despite the fact that I know jack and squat about the business of farming.

Speaking of books, I've been reading Geoffrey Wawro's The Franco-Prussian War. Great stuff, if you're into stodgy old history books. I haven't reached the end yet, but it's not looking good for the French so far. I can't wait to see how it turns out! ;)

Having seen the Living Greyhawk people at Winter War for the past couple of years, I'm kinda thinking of giving that scene a try. I want to play D&D, but I don't want to make room in my schedule for a full-fledged ongoing campaign. (At least not until the Dave's Feng Shui game is done.) I also like the fact that any of the freaks found in the Complete series are legal, but I'd probably be tempted to just play some old half-orc.

Anybody remember Different Worlds magazine? It was an excellent generalist RPG magazine back in its day. Different Worlds Publications has a stock of back issues, as well as some other old crap (Judge's Guild! Gamelords!). The prices on the back issues are a tad high, so eBay might be cheaper, but the other stuff looks priced to sell.

I need to figure out what sort of toys I'm going to buy with my Feng Shui dude's xp. I'm somewhat interested in getting a stat up to 11 so that I can buy a stat schtick, but man is that a lengthy and cost-prohibitive project. I need to reread all the Fu powers I can afford. Fox's Retreat looks good, if nothing else catches my fancy.

Man, I really want to run a Castles & Crusades campaign, full of that old skool flava. I'm still working out the parameters of such a project. Group size is one key issue. Part of me wants a nice intimate group, 4 players or so, dedicated to some hardcore orc-killin'. The other part of me wants a huge-ass group with an loose attendance policy: "show up when you can, we'll run with everyone and their grandma if needed." The kind of campaign where three members of the group might be slogging through a dungeon while two others are trekking overland following a treasure map. Complete with player-on-player violence and everything. With the smaller group I'd expect more Us-against-the-world unity from the player group.

I spent the majority of today working one collection case. The customer and I had a major social fu throwdown. Playing Johnny Hardass for such a prolonged period of time really wears me out. Between that and tonight's get-together with the grognards, I ought to be completely wiped out tomorrow.