Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Some GAMA Trade Show news

DC Heroclix Icons: A starter set and boosters aimed at the non-hardcore comic geek, emphasizing known characters like Superman, Batman, etc. Why this concept wasn't the very first set they released, I'll never know.

New FUDGE hardcover anniversary edition. Considering that FUDGE was the original "haxxor this SRD to make your own game" game, I fail to see the need for any print edition, much less a hardback special deluxe jobbie. *shrug*

"Ultimate" Rifts: If this is actually a revamping of the system I will A) eat my hat and B) probably buy the damn thing.

Mike Mearls and Monte Cook at it again: Iron Lore, yet another "variant players handbook" may finally be the book that pushes D&D into the place I want it: somewhere between Tolkien/Greyhawk trad fantasy and Conan.

I don't give a crap but you might: Eden Studios (All Flesh, Buffy) nabs license for City of Heroes rpg.

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