Thursday, March 31, 2005

Pat came over last night and he helped me hash out what I plan to do for my next fantasy campaign. He wants to wait for the other two corebooks to come out before we play Castles & Crusades. That's fine by me, I kinda was considering waiting for the Castle Zagyg series to begin publication anyway. And traditional dungeoncrawlery has little appeal to him compared to some sort of epic thing. That means Arcana Evolved: The Dragon War is slated for my next big project. Let the high freakery commence!

Fun fact: It's hard to schedule an RPGA event when the DM is apparently ignoring your emails. I'm afraid I purchased these Complete books for nought. I guess I can use some of the stuff for my AE game, but still I feel kinda dumb right now.

Got back over to the Dragon's Table today. I got my Carcassonne expansion and retrieved my hat, which I had left atop a stack of old Werewolf books. I also got a D&D module. I can always use more modules, right? This one is Goodman Games' Dungeon Crawl Classics #14: Dungeon Interludes. I love the structure of this thing. It's designed as six separate adventures ranging from levels one to 13, all connected storywise but meant to be run with other adventures in between each chapter. That seems like a great lowkey way to introduce a theme into a campaign without overdoing it. Goodman Games is fast becoming one of my favorite d20 publishers.