Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My Lunch With Stuart

Today I had lunch with Stuart, a nice chap I met on RPGnet. Turns out he works downtown too, so we met at a favorite joint of his: Aroma, a newish cafe. I usually go to Cafe Kopi when I'm feeling hip and trendy, but Aroma seemed to be in pretty much the same vein. The food was good, but I won't get the chai there again. They served me instant chai. [cafe snob]Listen, if I'm going to pay more than 3 bucks for a cup of chai, the barista needs to do more than scoop some powder into the cup.[/cafe snob] Anyway, Stuart seems like a cool guy who it would be fun to game with. He's currently playing and running Exalted and is interested in Nobilis and Unknown Armies. Stuart also expressed some guarded interest in possibly joining my Living Greyhawk experiment, but he made it clear that his heart isn't in the d20 scene. Even if we end up never playing a game together I think I'll probably have lunch with him again.

Speaking of the d20 scene, when did I become a d20 man? I currently play D&D 3.0 and run both Mutants and Masterminds and d20 Modern. My short list of future campaigns are all d20 products. It's like the Innsmouth taint or something. One day I notice some little D&D gills on my neck, the next day I'm a fricking d20 fishman. Feng Shui is my only lifeline to humanity right now.

BTW, Stuart agrees with the general RPGnet opinion that Tomb of 5 Corners is a crap introductory module, but he said the rules overview in the Exalted Quickstart was useful for n00bs anyway. Linky