Friday, March 04, 2005

Happy GM's Day!

Some rpg marketing wonk somewhere decided that March Fourth was GM's Day. In celebration of this august scheme RPGnow and DriveThru are having some sales. DriveThru has tons of stuff at 20% off. Sadly, the DriveThru items I really want (All the World's Monsters volumes 2 and 3 from Chaosium and Pocket Empires from GDW) have yet to be converted from DRM to digital watermarking. And the Chaosium hasn't even jumped on the watermarking bandwagon yet. Maybe I should send them an email. I suppose if I flipped through DriveThru long enough I could find stuff that would interest me, maybe Under the Storm Giant's Castle from Judge's Guild or Star Riders from Dream Pod 9. Neither of which are as cool as All the World's Monsters.

I did get some stuff from RPGnow. It'll be waiting for me to download when I get home. For my d20 Modern campaign I picked up Seeds: Modern (4 pages of adventure seeds) and the Big Bang Sampler (one of those gun fetish products) and issue Modern Dispatch #25 (outlining the Japanese maglev bullet train as an adventure location). All three were cheap and if they work out I'll probably get more stuff from their respective product lines. For future Castles & Crusades dungeoneering I also got Goodman Games' Dungeon Geomorphs. I'm crossing my fingers that these geomorphs are generally compatible with and at the same scale as the old TSR set, which I already own as a PDF. I took a pass at getting three other products I had been eyeing for d20 Modern. The Versatile Hero basic class and the Junk Man advanced class would've been nice to get if I were a player in a d20M game. But since I'm the GM and cannot forsee my players wanting to use them, buying those two items will have to wait. I also considered getting the paper mini set called Paper Violence, but the demo didn't print out very well. The actual product may be sharper, but what's the demo for if not to pre-judge the real thing?

RPG Shop, a vendor of non-electronic products, is supposed to be running a one-day everything-15%-off sale as well, but I'll be damned if I can find a product that's actually marked down from yesterday's prices. Too bad. I like doing business with these guys. Among other things, a small cut of each sale is donated to RPGnet. And they've got several things I want to buy: Green Ronin's d20 Modern screen, that Carcassone expansion my sister got, a new card game called Empyrean, Inc (with art by Phil Foglio), and several other goodies. RPG Shop also has a great dice selection. Maybe the sale prices will be up later.

Anyway, happy faux holiday and remember to consume!