Thursday, November 17, 2011

brief Caves of Myrddin update

Dang I'm bushed tonight but tomorrow's group needs to know some of this stuff.

Wednesday night at the Armored Gopher I had seven players, which has been about the usual number lately.  Good guys the lot of 'em, too.  Here's the roster:

Tom and Nick played the elves Lankii and Vithujin
Louis and Wheelz ran the fighters Gomma the Ugly and Will Die Too
Carl was the cleric known as Ethelred the Unready
Dane as Finn O'Malley the thief, with his personal chef Jaan.
and Chris ran Frederick the Dwarf, with his three henchmen

According to the various accounts of the the henchmen the party launched two expeditions, the first to locate the magic chair that turned Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter into a talking dog.  Everybody who sat in the chair got magical stat boosts, but two guys also melted.  Their gooey remains had to be hauled halfway across the land to get raise dead spells out of the Bishop of Cornwall.  The second expedition focused on exploring a magical portal to the fairy realm of the goblins.  Several goblin lairs were looted of magical goodies and a giant attack platypus was slain.  A goblin was captured by the group after several others were slain in a fight.  Turg the Goblin is now Frederick's fourth henchmen, the limit allowed by his Charisma.  (It's been a long time since I've seen anyone run up against that rule.)  The party also rescued a fighting man named Thurstan.  He was party of a small party scouting out the upper levels on behalf of a wizard.  Thurstan now serves Finn.  They never encountered two known threats: a giant spider lurking in the north-west section of the dungeon and some sort of diabolical tiger-man.


  1. You mean someone sat in the chair, got melted into goo, and someone actually sat in it after him?

    Wowzers. Once you see that happen to someone, standing becomes the pareto-optimal choice.

  2. The mere chance of a stat increase is an almost irresistible temptation.

  3. Staying out of the Caves altogether is the Pareto-optimal choice.

  4. Its even better than that. The first time I sat in the chair I started to melt but jumped off the chair taking half my HP in damage. With my face droopy and fingertips gooey I decided to try to sit in it again. I melted. I was the only player not to get any kind of stat boost from the throne.