Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blessed Saint Emmet

Artist/cool guy Jez Gordon (also responsible for the new DungeonFu thing-a-ma-bob for G+ gaming) hooked me up with a photoshopy of St. Emmet, the patron saint of the monastery where most of the Caves of Myrddin PCs chill out at between adventures.  (Since Hugo the Bastard bought his own manor house a few miles away, some adventurers have been staying there instead.  As I understand it to get an invite you have to speak French with an outrageous accent.)  Thanks to various shenanigans, one of my Wednesday crew officially owes St. Emmet two personal favors.

Ol' Emmet here is the lesser known and more apocryphal brother of St. Perran, patron saint of tin-miners and Cornwall in general.  Why St. Emmet has the head of an ant is subject to a wide variety of conflicting local tales, some of which cannot be repeated in polite company.

Thanks, Jez!


  1. That's brilliant! And indeed, why?

  2. This reminds me of the dog-faced portraits of St. Christopher — the story of which makes great fodder for fantasy campaigns:


  3. Anonymous8:59 AM

    It's nearly the same words in Scots as in Cornish English, emmick rather than emmet, meaning ant. In Cornwall, however, there's a secondary meaning of "tourist" since they have red faecs and mill around in huge numbers during the summmertime. I can't explain how we get from this to sainthood, but I'm sure this is the avaenue to explore.