Friday, November 18, 2011

another Caves of Myrddin

Hi!  Abe here again! Me and Blixa and a donkey and some other people just got back from the stinky hole.  Well, the donkey and one of the people didn't make it back. The donkey was killed waiting for the rest of us to get back. He couldn't fit through a hole we went in.  The people was stabbed by a boney man with no meat.

I got a boney man legbone to chew on!  I also ate a spider that I found in a goblin house. It was crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside! Before that I tried to catch a big rat, but it went down a rat hole before I could get it.  All the people made a giant stick out of smaller sticks, but when they were finished they didn't throw it for me even once.  Instead they used it to poke the Magic Chair of People Talking.

Two of the people got into an argument over another stick they found.  I thought they should have given it to me!  But instead they split it.  One guy got the hard part and the other the paper inside it.  The guy who got the paper is dead now though.  The guy who got the hard part was sad when his donkey died.  I was sad too.  Donkeys aren't stuck up jerks like horses.