Monday, November 03, 2008

This is how dumb I am.

In OD&D the section on the recommended number of players looks like this:
Number of Players: At least one referee and from four to fifty players can be handled in any single campaign, but the referee to player ratio should be about 1:20 or thereabouts.
When I blogged about this once before I posited that not every one of those 20 to 50 players was expected to show up for every session. The guys who were there back in the day supported this guess with firsthand accounts.

But then I got to thinking. Sure, in the normal course of business the whole effin' wargames club isn't going to all want to play D&D on the same night. We can all agree that coordinating schedules among gamers just doesn't work that way, right? But what if the stars were right and twenty eager gamers really did show up wanting to all play my game? Could I make that work?

Thus was born the idea for my next D&D con experiment. I call it "Jeff's Big Stupid Dungeon Party", a session of Labyrinth Lord for up to twenty players. Labyrinth Lord is my pick for system because it hews closely to the '81 Basic/Expert sets. I can run those rules in my sleep. When I submitted my event I asked for four tables. Here's the set-up I envision:

So anyway, if you're gonna be at the next Winter War look me up.