Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bustin' commie agents... on Bear Island?

Dragon #40 is one of my favorite issues of that venerable institution. The cover is rad, for starters. I've always liked frogs, but bat-winged frogs are even more awesomer. Two articles in the magazine are well worth looking at today: George Laking's "Funerals and other deathly ideas" and Douglas Bachman's "Believe it or not, Fantasy has reality". The former is a keen set of rules for making the player think twice about looting the corpse of a comrade, while the latter is much more high-falutin' and artsy-fartsy than my normal modes of gaming. But I'd rank Bachman's ideas about fantasy gaming as quite possibly the best article I've ever read in Dragon.

But today I just want to share a random die chart out of an old Top Secret article. Here's 100 locations for your next spy game, just click for a bigger, legible version.