Wednesday, November 05, 2008

some tinkertoy people from my daughter's imaginary kingdom

The king always wears a crown of three short green rods. His youngest child usually sits on his lap. The wizard always sports a ridiculously tall hat. His wand is named Wandy and it talks. Sometimes Wandy's parents come for a visit.

The rest of the royal family. The largest figure is Big Sister, the smallest is the Little Prince. The Little Prince goes on a lot of adventures. In between the two is the Queen. I like how the kids look just like their mother.

Three knights, alternatively three cheesemakers. Sometimes they're Cheesemaking Knights. When in cheesemaking mode each has a specialty, such as cheese soup, cheesecake, or cheese chocolate cookies. Sometimes these character cooperate, such as when the king orders them to guard the ice cream vault or when they are dispatched on a quest. Other times they are in fierce competition to be the best cheesemaker in the land, occasionally even going so far as to resort to industrial espionage.

One of the Little Prince's pet dogs and three goblins. The goblins have a lot of different roles. Sometimes one of them is the Wizard's apprentice. Other times they work as assistant cheesemakers and are sent to steal recipes from the other cheesemakers. Sometimes the goblins serve a fierce dragon that occasionally shows up in the kingdom to cause trouble. In the latter mode they are dispatched to sneak into the ice cream vault while the knights are asleep.