Monday, April 28, 2008

link, link, link, link, link

An old chestnut worth revisiting

The Cantrik, or Why I Am Not a Wizard, by Tilo Greenbottle

Fabrica de Herois - scroll to the bottom for a HeroMachine-thingy done in the Bruce Timm style

A Three Bladed Sword! - warning: rest of blog NSFW


  1. Good stuff.
    the old chestnut was a bit pretentious, but all in all a good mix o' links.

  2. Settembrini11:44 PM

    Wow, Jeff! You have become pretty famous with a group of bloggers it seems, congrats, and don´t let that creep ypu out. You could just be the spiritual leader/Lighthouse of the silly-retro folks!

    If we just knew how to find the doyen of the pretentious-retro?

  3. don't let it creep you out

    I'm not creeped out. But I am a bit surprised. I know I've got readers. I've got the comments and stats to show that. I just didn't realize that anyone was taking me seriously.

  4. Settembrini9:34 AM

    Just rock on, and all will be well.

    BTW, maybe this interests you, a short calculation I have done on 1e XP/Gold relations:

  5. Sadly I probably missed that R.G.F.D. posting by a few months, although I did browse that Usenet group a lot back in college. Some good ideas in there, but yeah...doing all of that is more like a life's work rather than basic prep for becoming a GM.