Saturday, April 19, 2008

An Incomplete Pictorial History of Totally Rad Throwing Blade Thingies

Keel, a warrior of Capella IV, with his deadly kligat at his side.
(Star Trek, "Friday's Child")

The Beastmaster's caber, a hinged throwing weapon.
(The Beastmaster)

Prince Colwyn wields the Glaive,
enchanted weapon and the symbol of his kingdom.
(Krull, which I could easily write a whole post about.)

Polaris Spanner about to wreck a robot with his shek.
(Spanner's Galaxy)

Xena brandishes her chakram,
based upon a real 'throwing disc'-type weapon from India.
(Xena: Warrior Princess)

Later in the series Xena got a new chakram,
which could break apart into two melee weapons.
That's slightly less historically accurate.

Dark elves of Eberron.
The drow on the left carries the deadly Xen'drik boomerang.

The vampire hunter Blade's throwing weapon,
referred to as a glaive but hinged like a caber.
(Blade, etc.)

The new video game Darksector seems to feature a dude
with a cyborg arm and a glaive/Xen'drik boomerang.