Friday, April 18, 2008

Fight On!

I am tickled pink to announce the first issue of a brand new print-on-demand fanzine devoted to old school style gaming. Fight On! was conceived of and created by the folks over at the Original D&D Discussion boards. The first issue is pretty much entirely OD&D, but the vision of the magazine is wider in scope than any one system. What Fight On! celebrates is the do-it-yourself spirit in gaming. I had the opportunity to have coffee (well, I had chai) with the editor the other day and his hope is for the next issue to contain stuff for Tunnels & Trolls, Forward... to Adventure!, Encounter Critical, and Mazes & Minotaurs. Or systemless articles. Or articles devoted to other games both old and new that still keep alive that spirit of make-it-up-and-run-with-it that makes this hobby a vibrant playground for dreamers and goofballs.

Some really awesome people worked on this first issue. Doc Rotwang! did some fabulous illos, including the cover. (My graphic here is kinda crappy. The actual art looks a lot better.) You can order your own copy through lulu. Right now Fight On! is only available via print-on-demand but a PDF option is in the works so that folks living outside the US won't have to sell blood to cover shipping costs.