Saturday, April 12, 2008

I am a horrible parent.

So I've been running Encounter Critical on and off for three years now. Over the weekend it occurred to me that I had made a huge oversite in my EC games. Not once had I used a vulcan with a lightsabre as a pregenerated PC. What was I thinking? Clearly I wasn't.

The internet being what it is, I went out and googled "spock jedi" and immediately grabbed this image:

My daughter, who is watching a cartoon in the same room asks me "Daddy, who is that?" I was dumbstruck. Holy crap, my daughter has no idea who Spock is. How did I allow this gaping hole in her education?

The next shipment from Amazon is definitely including the boxed set for Star Trek: The Animated Series. She has an aversion against "shows", her term for anything that isn't animated. Old Lone Ranger episodes are about the only shows she will watch.


  1. I have that set, Jeff, and it is aces.

  2. The Star Trek 'toon incldues some of my favorite Trek ever ... I still cry every time I watch "Yesteryear."

    I strongly agree that less-traditional lightsaber wielders are important to E.C. :)

    (Temptation to mention the one in ToaSK is strong, but I'm still in my self-imposed six-month no-spoilers territory ...)

  3. Don't forget Thudarr the Barbarian had a lightsabre too! There's another boxed set to order. :)

  4. RE: Thundarr
    Well, you can order a bootleg, or sign the petition for an official release. Or scrounge around Youtube. Thundarr, Ariel and Ookla have so far been neglected by the digital age...and here we are in the midst of a Kirby renaissance, too.

  5. My one and only time playing a MMORPG I made a character called "Ookla". :)

  6. Awesome!
    And that isnt that bad, as long as she Does know what a Jedi is. ha!
    Rock on!

  7. After having purchased the Star Trek TOS complete DVD collection and watched it over a couple of months, I am seriously considering getting the animated series. I remember seeing those and at the time wondering if they were just animated versions of Star Trek episodes. I was amazed to find out it was completely original content.

    Probably not as much drinking, drugs, sex, and violence as TOS, but hey, it's still Old Skool Trek.

  8. When I got my Star Trek: The Animated Series DVDs, I asked my 7yo son if he’d like to watch an episode with me. He declined.

    Once I started it up, though, he sat down and watched it.

    “I thought you didn’t want to watch this with me.”

    “I would have if you had told me what ‘animated’ meant!”